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"My favourite part of the Prairie singers season is that we get together early January, share our voices with each other over two months and then perform a concert in March. Although the concert is the highlight, I love getting together with fellow singers to spend a few hours each week in song! By the day the conert rolls around, the days are already palpably longer - what a lovely way to bridge the dark winter months!"


"I love being a part of the Prairie Singers Choir! Such a great community of musicians. I love being challenged with new repertoire every year and having fantastic direction from our director. Singing in the choir is a bright spot in our long Manitoba winters." 


Our Music

We are extrelemy fortunate to be led by a very gifted and dedicated conductor - Rick Heppner Mueller. Rick has an extensive musical background and has conducted multiple choirs in Manitoba over many years.

Our conductor sets a theme for each season and carefully chooses our music. Rick has a gift of finding unique choral music that spans over many centuries and regions of the world, creating a diverse program that speaks to our singers just as much as to the audience.

If you want to see and hear what we have done in the past, please click here for 


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