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Joining our Choir

The Prarie Singers hold auditions every fall for new members who wish to join.

If you have sung with us in the years past, you might not be required to audition.

If you are new to the choir you will be invited to audition with us. You should be able to read music. The audition, performed in a relaxed manner, is conducted by two of our choir members. They will test your vocal range, your sense of rhythm and check your ability to sight read. You will be asked to prepare a short song of your choice to sing for us. That's it!

The reason for auditions is that we want to ensure your voice fits the choir. In some years we lack altos and have too many sopranos, in other years it's the opposite. It is our conductors responsibility (and gift!) to find a balanced range of voices that blend well together. 

If this sounds good to you and you get all antsy and happy just thinking about singing in a big group to create beautiful music just with human voices, then click here.

Our Vision

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters a love of music and community. Through our passion for choral music we hope to inspire and enrich the lives of our members and audiences alike.

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